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Especially for international Private Investors and Property Funds we provide a task force service for quick reaction to interesting opportunities. We provide independent support for the property search including foreclosure or auction properties and their valuation or appraisal. First the key requirements for the type of investment need to be established. To name the main categories:

  • Residential Property Investment;
  • Retail Property Investment;
  • Office Property Investment.

We can inspect the property or development plan at short notice and provide an initial report. This ensures speedy reaction on interesting offers and saves the investor useless travel time, if the opportunity does not meet his requirements.

We organize the due diligence process, where appropriate, we draw on our comprehensive network of consultants to provide technical and financial due diligence. We coordinate environmental, tax and legal advice, using local resources with international experience. In short we provide a one-stop shop service.

Investment Philosophy

The first fundamental decision is whether the investment idea is yield driven or more orientated towards capital appreciation.

Developing the right property investment strategy for the way in and the way out again is key to any investment. The properties need to be selected for the investment period envisaged. The exit strategy has to be clear and the business plan developed accordingly. Whether sale as condominiums or a block of rented apartments, market knowledge of the respective markets is vital for the right purchase decision and the business plan. With the right partners at the starting point a successful and profitable exit after 3 to 7 years, depending on the strategy, is easily achievable.

A word of caution

During periods of high demand in a property market, for example, as has been experienced in Berlin since mid-2011, the need for quick responses and decisions can easily lead to expensive oversights.

This article will describe a quite common succession of events which can lead right into the Double Commission Trap. It will also provide strategies to avoid this trap while still acquiring the desired property. In the process it will point out some common errors in the context of agent’s commissions in Germany. The article will focus on the buyer’s viewpoint even though there are also risks for the vendor when he involves more than one agent at a time. You will find the full article "How to Avoid the Double Commission Trap for Properties in Berlin" on our blog in May 2012

For properties you migh have already bought but are not happy with their results we offer a Property Performance Improvement service. For information please follow the link above. Translations of the German terminology an investor will inevitably come across in this process please refer to our Glossary of German Property terms and abbreveations on this website. Link to Glossary